Roof Repairs Centurion - Roof Repair, Waterproofing and Painting | Zinc | Tile | Harvey Tile | Flat | Concrete

Roof repairs Centurion specializes in waterproofing and repairs on all types of roofs.
  • zinc roofs
  • tile roofs
  • flat roofs
  • concrete roofs
  • Harvey roofs
Roof repair services with a guarantee of quality and the best products available on the market! We fix, maintain and provide you with all your roofing service needs and that all with a 5 year guarantee:
  • painting roofs
  • sealing roofs/waterproofing
  • fixing leaks
  • roof inspections
  • roof maintenance
  • damp proofing
  • painting interior walls
  • painting exterior walls
  • replacing of all types of roofs
  • repairing and replacing of ceilings
We also solve your damp problems with balconies and showers and painting of interior and exterior walls. Our company has been in the roofing industry for over 30 years with an excellent track and service record. Please click on our individual links below to give you detailed information on the roof repairs and other related services we provide.

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Roof Repairs Company doing Waterproofing and Painting of All Types of Roofs.

Roof repairs Centurion is an extremely honorable company with an excellent track record, very good client referrals and specializes in the reparation, waterproof and painting of all types of roofs.  We not only bring superior quality in material and skill to your roof, but also thirty years of professional knowledge.

Roof repairs Centurion strives to develop long time relationships with our customers. We do not believe in short term solutions, because we do it right from the start. Our consultants will always give you superior practical advice about the repair, replacement and waterproofing of all tile-, zinc-, concrete- or slate roofs.

Roof repairs Centurion offers a 5-year guarantee on all work done which includes labour and material, with no questions asked. The extendable guarantee becomes available after the five-year period has expired. The maintenance will be part of a procedure where we apply a protective cover layer of liquid flexi bond on existing waterproofing material and the coating of waterproofing.

Roof repairs Centurion
Roof repairs Centurion

The client will be re-issued with a five-year guarantee after this process has been completed. This is an ongoing procedure where a client does the maintenance every 5 years. Roof repairs Centurion also recommends that as soon as you have done your upkeep or roof reparations on your roof, that you bring this to the attention of your insurer.

Roof repairs Centurion sends seasonal newsletters to our customers to remind them of the renewable maintenance of guarantees, as well as the latest trends in the industry. We also offer a seasonal upkeep, where we clean gutters and do general repairs.

Roof repairs Centurion is 100% trustworthy

Roof repairs Centurion is a well-established and highly trustworthy roof repair company, based in Pretoria (Gauteng). The workforce is highly experienced specialized artisans that undergo constant courses on their trade, as well as the necessary safety procedures. Tools and safety equipment used are maintained regularly.

Inspection on your roof must be an ongoing process. It will help to avoid costly repairs later. Roof repairs Centurion will arrange for maintenance inspectors to periodically inspect your roof. This will ensure the roof is up to specification. Avoiding problems from escalation, will assure the longevity of your roofing structure. Pretoria is well-known for heavy rainfalls, strong winds and hail during summer. it is never a good idea to wait till rain is seeping through your your roof, damaging the ceilings and roof structure before contacting us. It is much better for the roof to be inspected beforehand. Further is it also not a good idea to postpone calling us, if you notice any problems with your roof. The more affordable option is to be proactive, because negligence in this area can cost you dearly. It might even have you pay for a complete roof replacement, replacement of your ceilings and damaging of interior paint and your belongings.

The expert teams are supervised by highly competent craftsmen with many years of experience. They oversee the work being done properly and safely. Materials used are the latest and best obtainable for the job. All work done on your property is guaranteed for a full 5 years with an extended guarantee available after the 5 years.

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